Learn More About Financial Good Finance Loan-Free Loan

One of the most reputable financial companies in the market that allows the acquisition of credit is Financeira Good Finance, which allows you to borrow without paperwork. Finance offers a wide range of products with various financing options, credit and conventional lending.

One of the characteristics of Good Finance is the loan without consultation with the SPC and Serasa agencies, being one of the only active in the financial market that offers this possibility of credit. Credit companies with large banks in operation began to make more credit available to their customers, and Good Finance was not left out, offering loan without bureaucracy.

What are the advantages of a Good Finance loan?

What are the advantages of a Good Finance loan?

The advantages of a loan from Good Finance are many, namely: the granting of direct payroll loans without payroll (used for some types of clients who have loans released without consultation with SPC and Serasa) without the need for checkbooks . In this case, the charge is made directly to the checking account.

Credits released by Good Finance can assume the amount of installments desired by the customer, where it is the customer who chooses the amount of installments that will pay with a grace period for the first 45-day installment. Among the advantages offered by Good Finance, the biggest one is to make the client get his loan without red tape. Good Finance seeks to offer the customer the possibility of fast and uncomplicated credit.

Disadvantages of Good Finance Loan


Remember that the interest rates offered by Good Finance are high compared to other financial and banks in the country, and should be used wisely in times of emergency. Interest rates reach 19.73% per month, the biggest drawback on the Good Finance loan. For example, if a person borrows $ 3,500 to repay 10 times, they will have to pay installments of $ 827.19 which will reach a total of 8,271.89 at the end of the last installment payment.

Study well and compare interest with other banks and lenders on activities when it comes time to borrow. If you plan wisely, the paperless loan offered by Good Finance can become a great weapon for times of need for money. Find out if a loan will fit in your pocket right now and simulate the installments and interest on these loans as much as possible.