Kerala Lottery Result Today Nirmal NR-245 08 Oct 2021; See the list of winners here


Lotteries are a great way for people to try their luck and win a huge amount of money. With the increase in the lottery buzz in the country, people should be aware that there are several illegal lotteries both online and offline. There was a time when lotteries were completely banned in India. However, now times have changed and the Supreme Court has authorized 13 states to run legal lotteries. The state of Kerala is one of those states in which raffle is legal.

The Kerala State Lottery Department will announce the results of the Kerala NIRMAL NR-245 Lottery on Friday. Kerala NIRMAL NR-245 Lottery Results Draw has been released for 2021. State Lottery Department will release Kerala NIRMAL NR-244 lottery ticket results on Kerala Lotteries official website at The results will be known today at 2 p.m. Each ticket is priced at Rs 250.

Kerala NIRMAL NR-245 Lottery Results Available For 08.10.2021

Kerala NIRMAL NR-245 Lottery results on October 8, 2021 will be announced in a few hours. Users can check the results LIVE by visiting the Kerala Lottery website.

1st prize – 70 lakh INR

Consolation Prize – 8000 INR

  • NB 174942 NC 174942
  • ND 174942 NE 174942
  • NF 174942 NG 174942
  • NH 174942 NJ 174942
  • NK 174942 NL 174942
  • NM 174942

2nd prize – 10 lakh INR

3rd prize – 1 lakh INR

  • NA-709533
  • NB-264743
  • NC-484957
  • ND-734167
  • NE-645038
  • NF-849326
  • NG-37101
  • NH-864522
  • NJ-598850
  • NK-404518
  • NL-119359
  • NM-709448

Prizes to be won at Kerala Lottery

Those who had purchased the Kerala NIRMAL NR 245 tickets can visit the official Kerala Lotteries website to see if their luck has been favored. The first prize winner of today’s raffle will win a huge amount of Rs 10 crore, while the second winner will receive Rs 70 lakh and the third winner will earn Rs 5 lakh. The fourth and fifth prize winners of this raffle will win Rs 1 lakh and Rs 5,000. The sixth, seventh and eighth prizes are entitled to Rs 2,000, Rs 1,000 and Rs 500, respectively. The consolation prize is worth 1,000,000 Rs.

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